[Top 4] Best FREE Data Recovery Software of 2020 for Windows and Mac

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Losing an important File/Document/Image gives plenty of stress. You have nearly finished your work/project/thesis and your computer crashes out of the blue. Once it restarts again, you no longer see your file/folder. We all have been there. However, you don't need to panic anymore as there are few tricks to recover that file again. Following are quite a few options that will help you get your deleted data recovered.

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Check Your Recycle Bin

This is an extremely vital step. Make Sure to check it first or chances are high you will end up wasting a great deal of time for nothing. When you don't find your file within the associated folder, the very first thing it's essential to do is verify it in your recycle bin. At instances, we find our self deleting an important file by mistake. So, make sure to open the recycle bin & go through the deleted files in it. If you find your file/data/folder there, you can restore it immediately.

Check your Email Inbox or Cloud-Based Account

Often, a number of versions of the identical information are discovered within the Sent folder within the e-mail inbox. you must have sent the identical information to your pals, colleagues, and household. You may come across the file/data/folder on your cloud-based account.
Even if the file you might have in your inbox is the older file, you will not have to start over. In this way you can spend a few minutes working on the file to replace/do the needful changes to it.

Run your Backup Program

It's a good method to create backups of your libraries or drive to be able to keep away from deleting your vital project information. Usually, Windows OS comes with a backup software program that will create a backup of your photographs and file ceaselessly.

Install a Data Recovery Software

There are various types of Data Recovery Tools which can be easily found on the Internet. You will have to download and install it on your computer & allow it to scan your Computer drives for corrupt/misplaced or deleted files.

Depending upon the size of your file/drives this could take plenty of time. As soon as the scan is completed you can restore your file again. Please keep in mind that the restoration process may take a few minutes/hours depending on many factors such as the storage space, speed & performance of your computer.

List of some of the Best Free Data Recovery Software of 2020 for Windows and Mac OS which I have personally used
  1. Recover My Files data recovery software
  2. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
  3. Mini Tool Power Data Recovery
  4. Recuva

#1) Recover My Files data recovery software

#2) EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

#3) Mini Tool Power Data Recovery

#4) Recuva

Long story short, after so much of hard work if you don't want to regret losing your important data/file/folder in the near future, you should make sure that your computer is working properly. If your Computer crashes repeated, chances are very high that you may lose all your data/file/folder again. Hence I would suggest you make a copy all the drive & store the backup on the external drive & install Fresh Operating System(How to create a bootable USB for Windows 10). Also, regularly updating the Operating System may be a good option.

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